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Migrate to a Facebook-related Account on Born Free Books



  • Lottie Lodge

    Intriguing - that all sounds like a great idea, more discussion and more people knowing about books being left in public for others has got to be good, and making it easy to log in is bound to help. :) Thanks very much!

  • Lottie Lodge

    I'm not on Facebook so feel free to ignore me, but I am curious about what the benefits are of integrating with Facebook?

  • Andrew Mobbs

    Hi Lottie

    There are a number of benefits for Facebook users of the system and I will try and list a few below:

    1. You can immediately see which of your Facebook friends are already using Born Free Books and then easily follow their activity on the site.

    2. You can share your activity with your Facebook friends by clicking on a little "Share" button after each action which will publish information about the the pick up or drop off of a book that you have made to your Facebook wall.  This obviously means your friends can get involved in conversations about the book you are dropping off or picking up so it is effectively broadcasting information about what you have read or might be reading to your friendship group.

    [Note: in the new version you can share a book's profile page on the site with a whole host of other services including Email, MySpace, Delicious etc even if you aren't a Facebook member]

    3. You only have to remember one username and password and getting registered on our site is as easy as logging in with your Facebook credentials.

    4. Your profile is always kept up to date as your avatar on the site is the same as your Facebook profile image.

    5. It provides an easy way to invite your Facebook friends to join Born Free Books so that your book conversations can become more pervasive within your own friendship group.

    I should mention that this migration feature is currently a little temperamental in the existing version as Facebook has recently changed their Connect API but this next release resolves the problems, so if you decide to switch and merge the accounts, it is probably safest to do so next week when the new version is live.

    Great question by the way, and I am sure this breakdown will benefit others too.

    Have a great afternoon in this glorious weather!



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