Books on a map - was that always there?




  • Andrew Mobbs

    Hi Lottie

    Yes, that was always a feature on the site but in the new version all your dreams will come true ;)

    We are making great progress but I suspect we may have a long night ahead of us which will be a killer considering the late nights that we have been stacking up over the past week.  I will post a message to you as soon as our new version is released.  It will be VERY obvious that it is a new version though.

    Back to you as soon as we are done.



  • Lottie Lodge

    Fab, and very exciting! I just made some cupcakes, I wish I could send some to you to keep you all going!


    Looking forward to it all!

  • Andrew Mobbs

    Ah gee...not favourite treat! Enjoy every bite ;)

  • Andrew Mobbs

    Sadly we are still at it and not quite finished yet :( Time for some shut eye and then to face the final hurdles and testing this afternoon and evening. Again, sorry everyone that we are running late with our new version. We have so much to reveal in this new version but need to ensure it is all working well before we let you loose on it. We really appreciate your support and understanding - some great emails of encouragement - thank you.

  • Lottie Lodge

    That's okay - 6am is when you stopped?? Blimey! I hope you get lots of good rest!

  • Andrew Mobbs

    :( Indeed...and back at it already unfortunately...alas my 10 month son old wasn't prepared to adjust his usual routine to accommodate my sleep in the early morning so here I am...lots to do and test still but I will be in touch when I have exciting news to report :)

  • Lottie Lodge

    Eep! I hope you get some naps as well, then. Thanks for checking in, very thoughtful of you as you're so busy! :)

  • Abigail Ann


    Looking forward to seeing these new changes. Thanks for all the hardwork

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