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Register without releasing



  • Andrew Mobbs

    Thanks for posting this request Abigail.  It has perhaps been the single most requested feature change for the new version and it is definitely part of the update.  In fact, we have fundamentally changed the system so that you can register your entire library, and then later choose which books you want to release and record the release details after you have made the drop.

    We hope this new feature will allow people to share their collection of books with friends, family and the BFB community even if they don't decide to release many books from it - a kind of 'history of reading' if you like.  If one has an iPhone then members will also have access to their entire library while you are on the go ;)

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  • Abigail Ann

    That sounds fantastic. I've just released my first BFB this weekend, but shall no doubt be releasing many more after this chance.


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